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Often a Windows System Restore does not work very well. A good solution is to back up key files, so you do not run the risk of running out a commemorative photo or without a document with the accounts of the year.

Useful tools to not miss anything

EaseUS Disk Copy is a program that, among other things, makes backup. The backup is necessary not to lose any important document if your hard drive burn, or a virus erase all contents of your computer. With the program, the documents are duplicated and saved on another hard drive or removable media (CD, DVD), so they are immune to any threat.

The program is also ideal for those who need to replace an old HD for a new hard drive with more storage capacity. EASEUS Disk Copy simply copy all the content on the hard disk and writes to another.

All your favorite programs, including the settings are the way they were. Thus, it is not necessary to reinstall everything again. In addition, many software need to put massive registry keys that you do not remember where you saved more. Simply clone the HD and everything continues the way it has always been.

Has lost? Recover!

EASEUS Disk Copy also recovers deleted files. “But how? I thought I had deleted everything. ” Yes, I went out, but the system does not. This is because the system includes only a symbol at the beginning of the name of the deleted file, so the system ignores these files and does it not appear.

The file just disappears completely when another file is saved in the same location. That is, even deleting your files, your computer will continue with them in HD. When the HD is full, the system begins recording new files on the deleted files.

Starting the program

To use the program you need to burn a CD or DVD with the ISO image file using a recorder. After recording the CD / DVD with the file, restart your computer. Make sure that the operating system makes the boot drive that contains the CD / DVD recorded.

After reboot will appear three options: “Start Disk Copy 2.3” (start Disk Copy), “boot from the hard disk” (start system for HD) and “reboot” (reset). Choose the first option to start the program and make the HD copy. The second option starts the operating system normally and cancels the operation. The third option restarts the computer.

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EaseUS Disk Copy Technician Edition