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EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac is an application designed to recover files, messages, images or deleted contacts on your iPhone or iPad. It helps to restore files that seemed to be lost forever.

The main usefulness of this app is to search and restore items that have been deleted by accident, or by a momentary anger, distraction, problems with the device, user error (no) or excess blood alcohol. This type of problem happens, is common and can be reversed with the help of EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac.

If you’re the kind of person who routinely lose data that was stored on your smartphone and usually not back up the EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac can be the application that was missing in his life.

To use the function to retrieve data, you must install the application, connect the device to your Mac and select the option to “Trust this Mac”, which will appear on the mobile screen. After this step, the Easeus will display the files stored on your Apple device, including some that have been deleted.

EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac Review

EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac has a very intuitive interface that groups the files by type, such as media, messages, contacts, notes and others. Everything is categorized and messages are separated by application, so no need to worry if any SMS could mingle with WhatsApp files because it does not.

The application also provides an option to display only items deleted. This greatly facilitates the process of finding only the files that have been lost accidentally and must be recovered, saving the user time.

As requires physical access to the device via a cable connected to the Mac, the EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac will not help recover data in case of lost or stolen iPhones, however, he is still very useful for devices with corrupted or deleted by accident files.

Many features, all paid (and expensive)
Despite having a very interesting premise, Easeus is far from perfect. The license costs about $80 to retrieve the data of up to 6 iOS devices and is limited to only a Mac.

Whereas it is not a very modest value unless the lost data is really necessary, it is better to think carefully before you invest so much money in an application that is not used as often.

In addition, the EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac is more expensive than its main competitor, Wondershare Dr. Phone to iOS, and does not support in Portuguese, a function that his rival already has for some time.

The free version of the program is especially interesting to see some messages that may contain important information, but even the previews are limited only to three per category and you can not select which you want to view.

Overall, the EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac is a complete program and very useful in emergency situations, but only for those willing to open the wallet.

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EaseUS MobiSaver Professional for Mac